Graph Theory, 5th edition (2016/17)

Reinhard Diestel [5 years ago]

Graph Theory, 5th edition (2016/17) Book CoverFree Download Graph Theory, 5th edition (2016/17) - Reinhard Diestel eBooks (PDF/ePub) Review, This standard textbook of modern graph theory, now in its fifth edition, combines the authority of a classic with the engaging freshness of style that is the hallmark of active mathematics. It covers the core material of the subject with concise yet reliably complete proofs, while offering glimpses of more advanced methods in each field by one or two deeper results, again with proofs given in full detail.

The book can be used as a reliable text for an introductory course, as a graduate text, and for self-study.

New in this 5th edition:
Sections on tangles and tree-width, on tree packing and covering, and on topological spaces as inverse limits of finite graphs. Several new proofs of classical theorems. Many new exercises.

Internal links:
The theorem numbers etc in the text and margins are links: tap on them to be taken to that theorem. This works best if you magnify the link a little first, then tap for 1-2 seconds.

From the reviews:

“This outstanding book cannot be substituted with any other book on the present textbook market. It has every chance of becoming the standard textbook for graph theory.” Acta Scientiarum Mathematicarum

"Deep, clear, wonderful. This is a serious book about the heart of graph theory. It has depth and integrity." Persi Diaconis & Ron Graham, SIAM Review

“The book has received a very enthusiastic reception, which it amply deserves. A masterly elucidation of modern graph theory.” Bulletin of the Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications

“Succeeds dramatically… a hell of a good book.” MAA Reviews

“A highlight of the book is what is by far the best account in print of the Seymour-Robertson theory of graph minors.” Mathematika

“…like listening to someone explain mathematics.” Bulletin of the AMS

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